The Citizens’ Foundation School (Rubab Kassam Campus) is another enterprise which The Citizens’ Foundation helped establish for 900 students, boys and girls, to impart quality education and training. It is one of the outstanding schools of the Citizens’ Foundation and possibly the best in the region.

The School was designed gratis by M/S Arshad Shahid Adullah.

In this particular environ of Rashidabad, it benefits from many ancillary facilities like sports fields/recreational areas and influences from the regular group events/functions held at Rashidabad.

The Citizens’ Foundation School (Rubab Kassam Campus) was inaugurated on 24th  July 2006 with 215 students with figures reaching 925 in 2016 .  Owing to an ever increasing number of students and demands of the locals the School had to open ‘Afternoon Classes’ from 2014.  

The school imparts quality education to both girls and boys and also provides training to its teachers. The gender ratio at the school is around 60% girls and 40% boys, which is a very encouraging sign.