Mission and Objective

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Our Mission

Focus on eliminating illiteracy and alleviating deprivation from the country through such projects at district level. RMWO encompasses the four essential elements of progress which must be addressed to help the disadvantaged through a holistic approach:

√ Education;
√ Health;
√ Environment; and
√ Socio-Economic Uplift

Our Objective

The objective of RMWO is to set up model villages throughout the country  by integrating all essential facilities in a well-knit mosaic so as to ensure a positive beneficial outflow to the needy rural folk – all under one roof. Our main thrust is on education, health and vocational training, thus contributing above all in helping to transform the rural mindset from superstitious to the rational. Corollary benefits that would accrue include a check on rural migration to urban towns and empowerment of the underprivileged.

How We Accomplish

Rashidabad is a project of collaboration of like-minded Welfare Organizations in Pakistan. RMWO’s objectives in various fields are met by joining hands with experienced and credible Welfare Organizations in their own field, to set up operations in Rashidabad. The municipal facilities are provided by RMWO while the administration is left to the Organization concerned. All operational expenditures are borne by  the respective operating organization.