A Reverse Osmosis Filtration Plant with a capacity of 5000 gall/day has been set up since 2007 by MBT to supply clean potable water to residents within Rashidabad. The plant unlike other Commercial Mineral Water plants uses natural underground aquifer water with a TDS (Total dissolved solids) of 250. The water is than filtered and passed through ultraviolet tubes to kill any bacteria. After this treatment, water from the RO plant is added to bring the TDS down to 220. Commercial Plants add chemicals to raise the TDS from 0 to 250 -300. It has been tested at the various testing facilities (like Agha Khan Lab) and found better than most prized commercial plants.

 Foreigners and their children visiting Rashidabad drink it freely and find it better than other Commercial brands. It is available to all the people working or staying in Rashidabad.