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Education Sector:

  • Set up an Academic Complex up to college level, along with a Professional Development Center (Teacher’s Training Center).  Estimated Cost: Rs.250 million.
  • Establish a radio station for the sole purpose of spreading education.
  • Increase the number of sponsored children.

Health Sector:

  • Bilquis Mushaf Medical Complex (BMMC): Optimum commissioning of BMMC General Hospital to its full capacity will mark the culmination of the basic elements of the holistic facilities at Rashidabad; and the beginning of a positive change in the large rural districts from Hyderabad to Chore and from Tando Mohammad Khan to Nawabshah.
  • Cost:   Requires nearly Rs.25 million to commission the entire hospital facilities.
  • In addition to capital expenses, RMWO requires nearly Rs.25 million annually to sustain operations.

Zakat Sector:

  • General Hospital: Gynea, Paeds, Ortho, Dialysis & General Surgery for rural zakat deserving –  Requires Rs.25 million  annually.
  • Education: Support 100 destitute children/orphans. Annual expenses estimated at Rs.12 million  to cover total expenses including travel, medical, boarding & messing, clothing and tuition.
  • General: Provisioning of Ration for rural families –  Requires Rs.10 million annually.

Social Services:

  • Establish a Sarai with allied facilities for 100 escorts  who accompany patients.   Cost: Rs.20 million.
  • Construction of Home for the Physically & Mentally disadvantaged.   Cost: Rs.250 million.