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WE WON’T HAVE A SOCIETY if we destroy the environment.


The entire city of Rashidabad is nonsmoking and pan, gutka, niswar, mainpuri etc. are strictly prohibited. To add ambience to the project an artificial lake has been created to maintain balance with nature. A paddle and a rowing boat in the lake facilitate children to practice their rowing skills. The lake has 56 Geese and 15 ducks as its permanent residents.

Sports fields have been specially allocated to boost physical fitness of students and residents at Rashidabad. In all there are four sports complexes – two in the residential area and one between the TCF and the YK Academy and the fourth near AMZI Home. Each has a Volley ball and basketball court. The one between TCF and the Y K Academy has in addition two Tennis courts and an open air theatre for watching movies.

Throwing trash in Rashidabad is strictly prohibited. For the purpose dustbins have been placed all over which are cleaned out regularly.

Ever since its inception, over 3000 trees have been planted in Rashidabad by 2016 and the process continues. Shady trees planted include Neem, Amaltas, Gulmohor, Siras, Sukhchain, Peepal, Arjun, Cottonwood, Conocarpus and Eucalyptus etc. A large number of fruit trees have also been planted including Mangoes, Chiko, Guavas, Dates, Papayas, Jamuns, Lychee, Bairs, Bananas and Falsa. Bougainvilla and Honey Suckle creepers are quite common around homes and in the Public School. Resultantly a large variety of birds feeling secure from humans, ranging from the large Eagles to the tiny Humming Birds have made Rashidabad their home.

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