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Rashidabad is a project of collaboration. RMWO’s objectives are met by joining hands with other experienced and credible organizations with expertise in their own field, that have set up operations within Rashidabad. These include:


  1. The Citizens’ Foundation (TCF School);
  2. General Traders (YK Academy);
  3. Old Boys’ Association of PAF Public School, Sargodha (SST Public School);
  4. The Hunar Foundation (Vocational Training – Technical Institute);
  5. Family Educational Services Foundation (School for Hearing Impaired);
  6. IDA-RIEU Welfare Association (School for Visually Impaired);
  7. Darul Sukun (School for Physical & Mentally Disadvantaged – under construction); and
  8. Old Boys’ Association of PAF Public School, Lower Topa (TST Academic Complex – under construction)


  1. Layton-Rehmatullah Benevolent Trust (LRBT Free Eye Hospital);
  2. Fatimid Foundation (Blood Bank & Transfusion Centre);
  3. Shehnaz Ghani Trust;
  4. Healthcare Foundation;
  5. I-Care Foundation;
  6. Rajby Trust; and
  7. INFAQ Foundation

Socio-Economic Uplift

  1. Mustafa Benevolent Trust; and
  2. DMKM Welfare Trust (Vocational Training)